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Creating a Healthy Medical District

The Southwestern Medical District in Dallas, Texas is home to world-renowned hospitals and is a place of innovation, hope and healing. But, step outside of these remarkable institutions and into the streetscape, and a less vibrant and healthy story emerges….

Texas Trees Foundation is rewriting the story by leading a visionary, therapeutic landscape redesign to transform the antiquated Harry Hines corridor from Mockingbird Lane to Lucas Street into a vibrant, connected, and safe multi-model linear parkway with a 10-acre park.

Through a lens of robust engagement, the holistic restructuring will focus on evidence-based design that enhances the environment, uplifts adjoining neighborhoods and businesses, spurs economic development and nurtures the body, mind and spirit of the more than 4 million individuals who experience the district annually.

OUR Mission

Improve Human Health for All Community Members

The patients, doctors, nurses, staff, students, residents, visitors, business owners, and patrons are the lifeblood of the District. Texas Trees Foundation wants to increase the quality of life in the District by deepening one’s connection with their natural surroundings to better thrive in the ecosystem of their community.

OUR Approach

More than a Streetscape but an Opportunity


Equitable Engagement

where all people have a direct bridge to express their needs, goals, desires and incorporate their voices.


Evidence-Based Design

that will model, optimize and validate design concepts to have the greatest health and environmental benefit.


Green Infrastructure

that creates healthy people, healthy systems, and healthy environments.


Health Research

that creates healthy people, healthy systems, and healthy environments.

OUR Timeline

An Inclusive Process with Actionable Results

Community engagement and input will guide the project from start to finish! We anticipate designs to be completed by the end of 2022. After that, the City of Dallas will take over for construction.

Anticipated SWMD Streetscape Transformation Timeline

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Texas Trees Foundation
2906 Swiss Ave
Dallas, Texas 75204

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