A History Book Synopsis for the Hospitals of the Southwestern Medical District

“It takes a great deal of history to produce a little literature.” –             Henry James Thanks to their tireless efforts, and passion for our city’s history, Evelyn Montgomery, Ph.D. Director and Curator for the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture, along with Robert Prejean, Southwestern Medical District Manager and Urban Planner haveContinue reading “A History Book Synopsis for the Hospitals of the Southwestern Medical District”

Urban Story  

A Conversation with Robert Prejean  Bricks, one of the oldest known building materials, came about when man thoughtfully mixed straw and clay together, creating a stronger product than the sum of its parts. For Robert Prejean, Manager and sole employee of the Southwestern Medical District, his brick making exists in the form of combining twoContinue reading “Urban Story  “

Beginnings and Endings: Reflections on the SWMD   

This month we take a pause from our normal routine, a departure from usual topics and featured articles to reflect on days gone by and days to come. The SWMD is in the midst of great change, change that will usher in new opportunities for innovation and growth, pave the way for new experiences forContinue reading “Beginnings and Endings: Reflections on the SWMD   “

Dr. Alex Ponette-González Interview, August 2022 Newsletter: Special Edition Part II

“Trees in urban areas may work as urban air filters. Tree canopies are more effective than other vegetation types, and building materials such as glass, in scrubbing pollutants from the air. Many urban planners think about the benefits of planting trees in cities, but more research is needed on how the trees improve air quality.”Continue reading “Dr. Alex Ponette-González Interview, August 2022 Newsletter: Special Edition Part II”

Pegasus Park Pilot Study

Urban Heat Sensor Assessment and Evaluation  July – August 2022 Compiled by: Rose Jones, Ph.D. Research & Strategy in Urban Green Health Texas Trees Foundation August 16, 2022 “We must listen to science – and act.” ~ Presidential Executive Order1 Overview   On Thursday, July 21, Texas Trees Foundation (TTF) placed 8 mean radiant temperatureContinue reading Pegasus Park Pilot Study

It’s Bad Ya’ll: The Lethal Connection between Extreme Heat and Air Quality

In April the American Lung Association issued the 2022 “State of the Air” report, an assessment that uses report card style grades (A, B, C, D, and F) to track and report Americans’ exposure to air pollution. On this report card, the DFW metroplex earned an “F” for ozone pollution. It was also ranked asContinue reading “It’s Bad Ya’ll: The Lethal Connection between Extreme Heat and Air Quality”

Pegasus Park Pilot Study is Underway 

It’s official! We are collecting urban heat data and are now poised to capture some of the hottest temperatures on record.  As we continue to work with our partners to finalize logistics for installing and deploying climatic sensors throughout the Southwestern Medical District (SWMD), the Foundation took full advantage of the extreme heat wave thatContinue reading “Pegasus Park Pilot Study is Underway “

Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini

SWMD intern, Ph.D. Candidate This summer Farbod joined the SWMD team as a data analyst intern. He brings expertise and experience in a wide range of statistical skills and competetencies that will be useful for the project, including using time-series models to assess the relationship between environmental features and observed micro-climatic sensor data. In additionContinue reading “Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini”

Interview with Dr. Lu Liang

July 2022 Assistant Professor, University of North Texas, Department of Geography and the Environment As record-breaking heat waves impact communities worldwide and the team installs sensors throughout the District to capture meteorological data, some of it pertaining to thermal comfort and heat, it’s exciting that we managed to schedule some time to talk to Dr.Continue reading “Interview with Dr. Lu Liang”

June 2022 Newsletter

As we place sensors throughout the District to capture thermal comfort data, and soon begin Phase 2 of Equitable Engagement to gain feedback from District users on streetscape and park amenities, its important to revisit our roots. Explore how and why we use biophilia to inform the design process. Also, learn about the SWMD team’sContinue reading “June 2022 Newsletter”