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Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini

SWMD intern, Ph.D. Candidate This summer Farbod joined the SWMD team as a data analyst intern. He brings expertise and experience in a wide range of statistical skills and competetencies that will be useful for the project, including using time-series models to assess the relationship between environmental features and observed micro-climatic sensor data. In additionContinue reading “Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini”

Interview with Dr. Lu Liang

July 2022 Assistant Professor, University of North Texas, Department of Geography and the Environment As record-breaking heat waves impact communities worldwide and the team installs sensors throughout the District to capture meteorological data, some of it pertaining to thermal comfort and heat, it’s exciting that we managed to schedule some time to talk to Dr.Continue reading “Interview with Dr. Lu Liang”

June 2022 Newsletter

As we place sensors throughout the District to capture thermal comfort data, and soon begin Phase 2 of Equitable Engagement to gain feedback from District users on streetscape and park amenities, its important to revisit our roots. Explore how and why we use biophilia to inform the design process. Also, learn about the SWMD team’sContinue reading “June 2022 Newsletter”

Biophilia and the Importance of Designing for Human Health

Biophilia, a term coined by social psychologist Erich Fromm and popularized by biologist E.O. Wilson, is the philosophy that humans have an innate, biological affinity for the natural world. Importantly, research shows that there is a positive influence of greenery on human psychological and cognitive functioning; by using plants and their inherent shapes, colors, forms,Continue reading “Biophilia and the Importance of Designing for Human Health”

Biophilia Workshops Recap

As we embark on Phase 2 of the equitable engagement component of our project, consulting District users about streetscape and park amenities and programming, it seems important to revisit our experience with biophilic design and the consulting firm, Terrapin Bright Green. Terrapin is a consulting firm that specializes in design, whole systems thinking, and researchContinue reading “Biophilia Workshops Recap”

May 2022 Newsletter

Covid has not only been linked recently to healthcare worker burnout, but also negatively to the mental health of our youth. Evidence continues to show that experiencing nature and getting outside are great ways to combat the negative impacts of Covid and our sedentary lifestyles. Learn how these things impact healthcare workers and youth inContinue reading “May 2022 Newsletter”

Health Care Workers’ Burnout: Could Nature be the antidote?   

It’s become a well-known phenomenon, healthcare workers (HCWs), burned out, exhausted, worn out mentally, emotionally, and physically, from the Covid-19 pandemic are leaving health care in droves. They have faced life-threatening situations, pathogen exposure, and shift overload, all with limited to nonexistent resources and support. This has taken a toll. The rate of depressive disordersContinue reading “Health Care Workers’ Burnout: Could Nature be the antidote?   “

April 2022 Newsletter

Check out our April Newsletter for the new SPOTLIGHT ON RESEARCH section, learn how trees improve urban development and what the Harry Hines corridor and park project will do with vegetation differently to improve the symbiotic nature of the District.


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