A Transformation Years in the Making

Texas Trees Foundation has been working in Dallas’ Southwestern Medical District since 2015. Since then, two separate vision processes have been undertaken to reimagine the District. Equitable engagement efforts for this next phase will move these preliminary vision documents, which are meant to serve as a starting point for discussion, into a detailed design that is shovel-ready.

  • 2022

    Green Spine Vision Report

    This report builds upon all of the previous studies, including the SWMD Urban Streetscape Master Plan and the Green Park Vision Study. An initial step in the design process, and guided by robust community engagement and technical analysis, the vision development process translates ideas and ambitions outlined in the master plan, and allows for ideas to be fully vetted and opportunities weighed prior to commencing any detailed design activities.

  • 2021

    Dallas Urban Forest Master Plan

    The Dallas Urban Forest Master Plan was developed through a partnership between the Texas Trees Foundation and the City of Dallas. The Plan sets a strategic and cohesive agenda to improve urban forest management across the City of Dallas. It also reflects Dallas’ commitment to the World Economic Forum’s One Trillion Trees initiative (2020). The UFMP sets the stage for increased and improved urban forest stewardship action.

  • 2020

    SWMD Green Park Vision Plan

    The Green Park Vision Plan, completed in April 2020, was completed by Texas Trees Foundation to create a bold, holistic design vision for the redevelopment of the cloverleaf interchange at Harry Hines Blvd and Inwood Rd. The report sheds light on the assets, constraints and opportunities offered at the future 10-acre Green Park.

  • 2017

    Urban Heat Island Management Study

    The Urban Heat Island Management Study was a year-long study of the impacts and implications of air temperatures at the neighborhood level. The study and ensuing report offer cost-effective solutions to making Dallas one of the coolest cities in the country. Tree planting in concert with reflective pavement and roofing materials are the most cost-effective ways to manage the urban heat island effect.

  • 2016

    SWMD Urban Streetscape Master Plan

    The Southwestern Medical District Urban Streetscape Master Plan is visionary, collaborative and transformative. This plan compliments and unites the hospitals through 17 miles of streetscape design on the more than 1,000 acres identified as the Southwestern Medical District.

  • 2015

    State of the Dallas Urban Forest

    Texas Trees completed the City of Dallas’ first assessment that focused on our most vital resource – trees. Results advanced our understanding of Dallas’ urban forest and provided a framework for quantifying the value of the urban tree canopy to make informed decisions for future development. This study identified the SWMD, as an area with one of the largest urban heat islands in Dallas. This finding helped launch our many years of work in the District!


Collaborating for Far-Reaching Solutions

Several projects with ongoing public engagement are currently taking place in and around the Medical District and in the City of Dallas. The Texas Trees Foundation is sharing information and coordinating with these efforts as we conduct the SWMD Urban Streetscape Project. More information and ways to participate in these projects can be found on their websites.