Project Vision


Redesigning the Southwestern Medical District for Human Health – Inside and Out

Imagine a Medical District where brilliant minds, hopeful patients and diverse community members can thrive in an innovative, healthy, and safe environment. We are seeking to bring new life inside the Southwestern Medical District by transforming the outdoor environment.


A Healthy District is…

Environmentally Healthy

Restore and enhance the environmental health of the District by returning nature to the area and giving it the opportunity to grow and flourish in order to leverage its restorative health benefits.


Empower all stakeholders to take part in the reimaging of their community by amplifying voices that have historically been excluded from similar processes and educate the community through diverse cultural and informative experiences on the environmental and historic roots of the District.


Create an experience for all users, pedestrians, cyclist and drivers, that integrates the needs of accessibility and convenience and creates mutual awareness of one another.


Define the District’s character into a unified and memorable place for innovation, health, and healing by providing a space that engages the mind, activates the body, and lifts the spirit.


Link different physical facets, institutions, business and communities of the District to create a whole, healthy ecosystem that is accessible to all and unites community members to one another.

“To really feel a forest canopy we must use different senses, and often the most useful is the sense of imagination.”

Joan Maloof, Author and Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University

Contact Us

Texas Trees Foundation
2906 Swiss Ave
Dallas, Texas 75204
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